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We work with leading operators in EMEA and exceptional vendors world-wide on a variety of subjects and missions. This ranges from support in negotiating complex security-contracts after M&A, over Go-To-Market strategy and Innovation Workshops to moderating and producing high-class TV-show-like engaging and energetic events.
Our Mission

Connecting the Dots
Connecting People

Connecting the Dots and Connecting people – bringing together leading operators and outstanding companies to swiftly deliver consistent quality and to drive innovation is what we do in various facets - a fact you can count on in good and in bad times.

We feel lucky to work with remarkable people, with thought leaders, innovators and game changers. They are exceptional in what they do and more importantly in HOW they do things. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in in big or in small companies. They inspire, they motivate and they lead with vision and passion. They are great listeners and they are curious to always get better.

Our mission is to contribute to their success.

Business Areas we support you in
About us

Founder and Managing Director

My work journey brought me to Telco/PayTV operators and tech vendors in various roles since 2001 and hence allowed me to see the industry from various angles. My positions included working in business development, IP licensing, strategic partnerships, strategy and procurement - always at the intersection of business and technology.

Partnerships and a respectful give & take have always been at the core of my DNA for all my business life. My mantra is "Connecting the dots and connecting people" which best translates into "making smart connections with a specific purpose between outstanding people". My goal is to swiftly deliver outstanding quality in various facets - a fact you can count on in good and in bad times. That allowed me to build long-term trusted relationship at both vendor and operator sides.

Thinking B2B2C, thinking in use cases, customer journeys and value has been a key success factor for me in those years. Hence I also measure my success by the success of my customers.

Being on stage and engaging with the audience to make it an exciting and energetic experience has been a passion for a long time whether that was in improv theatre or with my band. That experience comes in very handy when planning, producing and moderating events or workshops.

The company remains lean and agile by working with outstanding partner companies, people and skills to support my clients in their projects within and across Media, Technology and Telco/PayTV industries.

What our customers love about working with us

We asked our customers:"What do you love about what we do, how we do and what you get out of it?"

Showing only the top five answers. Source: Customer Survey Q1/2022

They happyily answered:

Challenge me, make me get better
100% Complete
Professionality, Integrity, Energy
100% Complete
Smart Introductions, Insights, Open Doors
95% Complete
Fun to work with, always a smile
95% Complete
Moderate, Cut through the clutter, Listen
90% Complete

What do we bring to the table?

The Unique Selling Points

Hands-on specialized expertise

Our expertise is rooted in 20+ years of work at and with market leading Operators, Consumer Electronics and Software companies. We have seen the industry from various angles. That makes it easy for us to put ourselves into the shoes of our customers to think B2B2C and to challenge you (with a smile) to to find solutions that deploy, not just PowerPoints.

Trusted relationships with decision makers

Throughout the years we have built and kept trusted relationships with senior level decision makers in leading companies of our industry. Together with a mentality of can-do, challenger/advisor and sparring partner this opens many doors for outstanding people to work together.

Connecting the dots and people

We love to look beyond the obvious and across silo walls. We are curious. We expect the unexpected. We offer alternative perspectives. We are passionate about value for your customers. We speak the language of R&D and Sales. We bridge the gaps and bring together what belongs together - topics and people.

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Andreas Waltenspiel
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Andreas Waltenspiel

Phone: + 49 151 645 19 360

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